Evidence of the Nephilim


“They’re getting ready for something,” Cosy replied.  “I’ve got an idea what these things are.  Have you heard of the Nephilim?  They’re mentioned in the Bible.  Apparently some party loving angels decided to get it on with human females.  The Nephilim were the result.  They were giants; half angel and half human.  A lot of Bible scholars believe they were destroyed in the Flood.  Others believe they were the giants that Joshua and the Israelites encountered.  I think that’s what these things are.  I suspect that they’ve been hiding themselves, withdrawn from human contact, and that they’ve lost a lot of their human characteristics as a result.  Maybe these things are the source of myths like Bigfoot and the Yeti.”  The Star War Factor – Robert Staniford

Little was known or written about the Nephilim.  The overall picture, drawn from the available information, was of giant warriors with supernatural origins who had existed before and after the Flood.  Some sources refuted the supernatural origins but there were many which confirmed their existence.  Others claimed that the spirits of dead Nephilim became demons, seeking to corrupt and possess.  Nephalim sprang up as the heroes of mythology, wherever there was talk of gods taking the women of men as sexual partners.

Those mythological figures that he could remember came to mind and the thought was far from pleasant.  Virgil thought about the wounds the captured creature had suffered and compared it with the effect on a normal human.  The creature had absorbed enough fragmented metal to kill at least a dozen men.  He tried to imagine facing an army where every man was a Hercules or an Achilles, bent on suicide and determined to take their opposition with them; able to possess their enemies when they were no longer able to fight them.  The Star War Factor – Robert Staniford

Mention of the Nephilim, the hybrid offspring of fallen angels and human females, occurs several times in the Bible.  The are also folk stories of such hybrids, as well as those who appear in Classical mythology.  Does this widespread reporting of these creatures mean that there’s truth to the story?  It’s an ongoing argument.

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